Aphex Twin is huge in electronic music and has defined a generation of sounds. With the AFX Station you can take home a little piece of his inspiration.

Novation’s new limited edition AFX Station has been created in collaboration with Richard D James, better known under his electronic moniker Aphex Twin. It’s a special version of their Bass Station II with unique patches and sounds.

It takes what the powerful Bass Station II already offers with the edition of the AFX Mode pre-installed. This mode turns every key into an open book to become its own patch with potential as a drum machine, bass and lead modules and more.

It also, of course, comes with a custom look that marks it with Aphex Twin’s iconic logo and a purple trim.

AFX Station ships with 128 new synth patches and seven new overlay banks from Noyze Lab, Perplex On, Richard Devine, r beny and Lightbath, which channel the creative vision of Aphex Twin and provides you with lots of sound design inspiration.

Find out more from their website. The AFX Station has sadly already sold out but you can enter your email to find out when it’s back in stock. It launches in 13 days.