Sonos and GE Appliances team up to announce when your oven is pre-heated or dishwasher cycle is done

Sonos owners will be able to be alerted by their smart connected GE Appliances such as when the oven is pre-heated or the dishwasher cycle is completed.

Since Sonos included Google Assistant and Alexa in their speakers such as the Sonos One and Sonos Move, owners have been able to control smart appliances in the home.

American appliance manufacturer GE Appliances are integrating support for Sonos speakers. Customers that own both a Sonos speaker and compatible appliances including GEA branded ovens, cooktops and refrigerators will be able to set up appliance notifications to be played out across speakers in the house.

GE are the first appliance company to team up with Sonos. Speakers can be paired with the appliances through the SmartHQ app. GE say they hope to expand compatibility through the full GE lineup of 450 connected products.

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Source code found in the app, along with a Tweet from Clubhouse all but confirms a new ‘Waves’ feature in the social audio app.

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