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After a petition and previous issues with its name the world’s largest pro audio forum has changed its name to Gearspace.

Recently, the audio forum came under fire for its tongue-in-cheek, but ultimately offensive and inappropriate name. A petition was started on and after firstly defending the name, founder Jules Standen then announced that a name change would be on the way. 

Today, Jules has announced that moving forward Gearslutz will now be called Gearspace. Talking about the name change Standen says that the new name will be “better suited to professional environments and the audio education world.” 

Standen also states, “We’re certain our new name, Gearspace, will stand the test of time and provide a more all-encompassing platform for the pro audio industry. The change will affect the forum’s name, logo and URL. Gearspace will continue to offer the same audio-focused content and will strive to be the best online community possible for people of all genders and cultures.”

The site also has a new URL, and all existing bookmarks will continue to work. The website and forum should be fully functional by the middle of April. 

In addition to this there is also a new logo (see header image).