Garageband gets 50 brand new instruments to play with and record

Apple’s Garageband has just gotten ever better with a new update adding loads of instruments to play with and longer recordings.

Garageband 2.3.9 has just dropped making the free iOS music-making app even better with new features and sounds. Most excitingly is the addition of a new Keyboard Collection which introduces loads more potential for playing and looping in recordings.

The Keyboard Collection adds over 150 keyboard loops and 50 instrument patches including pianos, organs, and electric pianos. Get a sense of the wide variety of new instruments in the video below which plays an example of each one.

Apple have also extended the maximum song length that can be created in Garageband from 23 minutes to 72 minutes in total. Whilst I can’t imagine many people will make use of the full extent of this extension, it’s nice to have the option.

They’re also making it easier to jump straight in and record with a new option to hold down on the GarageBand icon on the home page to start recording straight away. Also new, users can switch between musical bars and beats to minutes and seconds now.

Garageband version 2.3.9 is available on iOS now.

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