Most guitarists can sympathise with a situation when you needed just one or two extra fingers further up or lower down the fretboard to complete a unique chord or play a quick lick. New ‘Fretlocks’ could be the answer, providing you with the ability to capo single strings on individual frets.

Fretlocks use small blades to fret and hold on to the string allowing players to play chord shapes and licks that would have been impossible before. Co-founder Jonny West, who originally came up with the idea, said:

I came up with the idea when I was trying to figure out a way to play a particularly difficult line and needed extra fingers to hold some strings down. After a number of different designs, I came up with the final Fretlocks design that actually works, whilst keeping great sound quality.

on fretboard no fingies
Fretlocks grip the strings using small blades that fret that note

Fretlocks are also setting up a “Freternity” where they’re encouraging users to share what they’ve crerated using Fretlocks as well as tips, tricks and techniques. They say: “Our mission is to create sounds that no-one else has ever created and open up a new world of playing impossible music.

Fretlocks will come in three different sizes to fit all string gauges and are planned for release early next month with their launch event in London on the 9th October. They will be available for £15/$23 for six and £25/$38 (dollars estimate) for a limited edition tin of 12. Visit the Fretlocks website to stay updated on the release and get yours.

Fretlocks will be available in tins of 6 and limited edition tins of 12
Fretlocks will be available in tins of 6 and limited edition tins of 12

See Fretlocks in action below.