Fret Zeppelin is a new company that wants to help you learn guitar with lights guiding you as you play and improve.

Learning guitar isn’t easy and the biggest learning curve is at the beginning, working out which string does what, where the frets are and how the notes work together. Fret Zeppelin hopes to be your digital teacher, guiding your playing with LED lights dotted up and down your guitar.

With Fret Zeppelin you don’t need to buy a whole new instrument as the lights will fit onto any regular, full-sized guitar. Once you’ve dotted your LEDs up and down your fretboard you can use the Fret Zeppelin mobile app to choose a song and start learning. Once you’ve chosen your song the lights will light up to show you what to play whilst the app listens to hear if you’re playing it right.

On their Kickstarter page, where they’ve already quadrupled their aim already with $233,877 pledged out of a $48,000 goal, Fret Zeppelin say:

Pushing the gas pedal on learning guitar. Many want to learn to play, but don’t ever get there due to time constraints, cost of lessons, and struggling to learn proper technique on their own. Fret Zeppelin replaces frustration with fun, giving players a digital training tool right on the neck of their guitar.

The upcoming app itself isn’t just a tool for the lights but features scrolling tablature for songs, guides to various chords and scales, tuning abilities and more. Fret Zeppelin say that they will “continuously be improving to make the best guitar learning environment on the market.”

Fret Zeppelin isn’t just for amateurs however, as it provides a unique way to learn new songs as well as being able to put on a light show on your fretboard so you immediately become 10x cooler when playing. Additionally you don’t have to worry about sounding rubbish as the LEDs don’t come on a manufactured guitar but are added to the guitar of your choice.

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The lights have been designed so that they don’t interfere with fretting either, sized at under half the height of a regular fret. Fret Zeppelin has been in development since 2012 but the team have had to wait until now for the 144 LEDs included on each Fret Zeppelin to be affordable enough for production.

Fret Zeppelin are still raising money on Kickstarter where you can get your hands on one for $199 at the cheapest. They expect to start delivering in October this year.