Free plugin alert – T-RackS Classic Clipper

Image Credit: IK Multimedia

Get free music software T-RackS Classic Clipper from IK Multimedia – a free plugin usually worth $50.

The good folks at IK Multimedia are offering a free plugin, and all you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter. The free music software is the T-RackS Classic Clipper, a mastering soft clipper that would usually set you back $50 but is currently being offered as a free gift.

First off, the Classic Clipper has a sweet look, with a cool orange vintage design. The free plugin offers you control over dynamics at the mastering stage, utilising peak clipping to control peaks instead of using peak limiting.

free plugin t-racks classic clipper mastering plugin
Image Credit: IK Multimedia

Give your track some personality or lend it distortion effects. IK Multimedia said: “A good example of this can be a snare track, or bass track which may be weak or dynamically inconsistent: running them through the Clipper and raising the level will saturate them nicely making them more present and bold in the mix.”

Controls are super-simple, with Slope, Gain and Output controls. The T-RackS Clipper can be used in the free T-RackS 5 CS and the T-RackS 5, either as a DAW plugin or standalone.

Find out more and get your free plugin here. Be quick – the promotion ends on 29 June.

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