Across gaming history and all the memorable gameplay moments there has been an even better soundtrack accompanying it, adding to the overall experience. Here are the best video game soundtracks ever.

Video games have had a long and beautiful relationship with music, in a similar way cinema has. There have been countless memorable video game moments accompanied by an epic soundtrack. From the suicide mission on Mass Effect to the Halo series main theme, each one leaving its mark on our memories and the game itself.

It’s not all about cinematic story-rich games their soundtracks though, simpler city builders and RPGs are also accompanied by music that helps create an unforgettable experience.

With this in mind we wanted to detail what we think are the best video game soundtracks of all time!

Going Medieval

Going Medieval is an early access game that was recently released and is similar to other city builders such as Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress. It’s a relaxing game that requires you to build a medieval town and sustain the villager’s health and happiness. The music that accompanies the game matches the theme perfectly, serene lutes and flutes will whisk you away to the time period.

Mass Effect Series

The Mass Effect series is one of video gaming’s most epic sci-fi tales that span across three games, each one full of rich, cinematic experiences, not just in gameplay but also in music. It’s hard to forget the synth-driven soundtrack that belts out futuristic, space-faring music. As you explore the galaxy, uncovering its secrets and destroying reapers, this soundtrack compliments the game in a masterful fashion. Whenever I hear those three familiar notes on the main theme I am instantly hit by a wave of nostalgia.

Halo 3

The Halo series soundtrack is synonymous with its epic and infectious gameplay, one does not exist without the other. Although each game has a great soundtrack it is in Halo 3 that it reaches the level of infamy. The main menu theme will go down in history as one of the most chilling and recognisable video game theme tracks in history.

Battlefield 3

Arguably one of the best FPS to have ever existed and a defining moment in the Battlefield franchise. The main menu theme again, like Halo 3 was incredibly memorable. It accompanied the classic “dun dun dun da dun dun” and modernised it. The static followed by the meaty synth-led theme is instantly recognisable and will go down in video game history.

Battlefield 1

The Battlefield 1 game was mind-blowing for so many reasons, most notably the soundtrack and WW1 theme. Never before has the insanity of WW1 been brought to a video game format in such away. The music that accompanied the game was on the same level as Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, it was truly cinematic. The soundtrack even had its own Vinyl release, just proving how special it was.

Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon DLC was filled to the brim with retrospective 80’s synth-wave beats that captured its audience due to its unique and vibrant sound. The soundtrack mashed brilliantly with the 80’s action film setting and created one of the most memorable standalone expansions in the series history. Slap on the biggest, darkest shades you have and transport yourself to the ’80s with the Blood Dragon OST.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim has been ported and remade possibly more than any video game ever, yet still, to this day people cannot get enough of the game. Next to the rich story, great combat, and lore so deep it would make J.R.R Tolkien blush is a stunning soundtrack. It could be argued that Skyrim has one of the best fantasy RPG soundtracks of all time, one that fits every explorative step the player takes. From fighting dragons to exploring Draugr-filled caverns, the soundtrack compliments every step in a gargantuan way.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The long-awaited prequel to critically acclaimed western Red Dead Redemption was an instant hit thanks to its open-world, story-rich experience. The game is filled to the brim with interesting characters, side missions, and emotive storytelling that will bring even the toughest of people to tears. All of this is driven by the thematically beautiful soundtrack that added deep emotion to many moments in this wonderful game.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light sees the player traversing space with their crew, fighting pirates and aliens. The core of the game is about the management of systems and crew members whilst fighting your way through a dangerous galaxy. As always with Sci-Fi games there is a need for a solid soundtrack, FTL has that nailed down. The 8-bit, electronic synth sounds create the perfect backdrop for this space simulation game that is simple in design but oh so brilliant.

Bioshock Infinite

The third installment in the Bioshock franchise was arguably its best release so far. A gripping story that was full of twists and turns and a setting that was unique and dazzling. Anyone that has played the game will never forget the soundtrack that accompanies it, especially as you rise up to the cloud city and the subtle piano kicks in. Truly a breathtaking experience that will be remembered for many years.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

The Legend Of Zelda games is one of the most popular series to have come from Nintendo and their recent release Breath of the wild was incredibly popular. The open-world game saw the classic character return but this time in stunning graphics and scenery. Exploring the wilderness was a real treat with its peaceful soundtrack, making for hours of serene explorative gameplay.

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is a raw and brutal top-down arcade game set in the ’80s matched by a spectacular electronic/house soundtrack. This is probably the only game that sees you massacring Russian Mafia mobs whilst bopping to absolute EDM belters.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a procedural space exploration game that offers a sandbox experience to its users, offering unlimited amounts of fun. This expansive universe is soundtracked by the post-rock group 65daysofstatic, who scored the entire game. It’s an incredibly cinematic experience that plays into the expansive feel of the game.

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