Image Credit: Audiolatry

This Electric Piano VST, free from Audiolatry, is really versatile and sounds great.

A new free electric piano VST has joined Audiolatry’s Upright Piano plugin download, and it’s just as good. The tone of the plugin is impressive, offering a range of sounds from two sampled electric pianos – so it’s really two free virtual instruments in one.

Watch the free plugin in action below. Listening, you can imagine adding some electric piano over a slow lo-fi hip-hop beat, or giving a jazz track a soothing keys accompaniment.

The plugin has two velocity layers and features including reverb; a customisable tremolo module, which adds some wobble; panning; and a low pass and high pass filter cut off.

One downside is the plugin only works on Windows, though a macOS version is incoming. That’s true too for the Upright Piano VST, which you can check out here.

Download the Electric Piano plugin for free here.