Image via Bandcamp

Bandcamp Live Integrates Merch In A Stress Free and Easy Way.

Recently Bandcamp announced its new live streaming service Bandcamp Live, a new way for artists to stream live to their audience. It’s likely to become a vital tool for musicians during a period of time where live music as we know it seems like a distant memory. Bandcamp Live will make it easier for artists, more accessable for fans and hopefully provide income for the performers. The true value with Bandcamp Live is its integration with the already existing Bandcamp ecosystem. 

Today we will be looking at the key features of Bandcamp Live and how this will make live streaming accessible and easy for all. 

Fan Notifications

Bandcamp will automatically notify fans when an artist announces a show and as most already have a Bandcamp account with a saved credit card, payment is quick and easy. New fans will become followers with the option to join your mailing list. 

Integrated Merch Table

The importance of band merch cannot be overstated, it is vital to the financial success of most bands operating today. Most bands already use Bandcamp to sell their merch but with Bandcamp Live can “buy without interrupting the show, and their purchases appear in the chat, driving more sales.”

Live Chat

Like other streamers (such as Twitch and YouTube) there will be a chat box where fans can chat to the artist and each other, as well as artists being able to communicate. 

Data Control

Bandcamp Live will give you total control of your data and the event itself, meaning each show, for each artist will be tailored to them. Not to mention the importance of data in this modern world. 

Fair & Transparent Pricing 

The fees are Bandcamp’s standard 10% but that has been wavered till March 31st, also all ticket fees are present on checkout. No surprise fees, extra costs or surprises, total transparency. “We don’t pretend ticketing is free and then surprise your fans with a “convenience fee” when they check out. You set your ticket price, and that’s what your fans are charged.“

The ease for artists and fans alike will make this service incredibly vital and interesting for musicians operating during this pandemic and likely beyond. The integration of merch sales is also another fantastic element with Bandcamp taking a generous fee. One thing that is blatantly obvious and has been proven during the pandemic that Bandcamp are a dedicated service that have artists as their priority.