ASWY are upgrading their 360° levitating speaker by double the degrees of audio for a truly unique home theater system.

ASWY are known for their unique music tech products, specifically the SPACO which is a levitating speaker that boasts the cleanest possible audio with no surface friction. Apparently that wasn’t quite revolutionary enough for ASWY as they’ve upgraded their speakers to play 720° audio.

ASWY were able to produce their new speaker by placing at 90 degrees to the tweeter and woofer a further 8 electrostatic diaphragm drivers that face outward north, east, south and west. This creates another 360-degree field of sound on a second dimension, giving you movie theater surround sound. With 720° and no friction every sound becomes real and geospatial so that you can feel and hear where each sound is coming from.

ASWY’s founder Allen Wang said: “We’re launching on Indiegogo on Oct 25 and with the addition of this technology, we’ve moved our flagship SPACO levitating audio system into the ‘elite high end’ of audio systems. These drivers are found in only the most expensive headphones and rarely in speakers, but we’re using them in SPACO and the sound will blow you away.

“Watch a movie and you’ll find yourself mapping out the geospatial dimensions of the scene, such as footsteps in the distance or a plane flying from left to right in the sky.” SPACO’s power goes beyond it’s spatial output though by pushing industry standards with a higher frequency range and using audio drivers that create sound without physical contact.

SPACO 5.1 has many more features though, including:

Voice command and SPACO app for music play lists, streaming platforms, and social chat, so you can talk to people on the other side of the world as if they were next to you. Play your radio and TV through the speakers. Commands include power on/off, volume, next, previous, play, pause, mute.

Multi-Room & Room-to-Room Chat gives you music in concert across the whole home, or different music in each room. Set up individual speakers and their names and speak to family in different rooms across your home with the two-way speaker and microphone.

Levitating Technology frictionless sounds pulses pure, unadulterated sound to every part of the room, with revolutionary 720-degree OMNI Surround Sound, meaning breathtaking immersive quality sound no matter where you are in the room.

Levitating Charging means 365-Days Always-On Audio. The tweeter doesn’t need to fall down to charge.

Lighting – designed to emit a circle of light from each speaker, you can choose from a whole spectrum of colors to create the right mood for every occasion. Power on or off individual speakers/lights placed in different rooms.

Wi-Fi extender – create a meshed, whole-home Wi-Fi network, meaning no dead spots and Wi-Fi shared with multiple devices around the home.

Noise Canceling – SPACO will hear your voice even in noisy environments.

Why is levitating technology a big deal?

ASWY- patented Levitating Speakers mean there is no friction so the sound isn’t absorbed into surfaces or distorted by them. Nothing stands in the way of the sound. Levitating Charging Technology (also ASWY patented) is based on mobile phone wifi charging technology. It means the speaker doesn’t need to come back to rest on the base to charge, meaning the music can keep playing.

ASWY have upgraded their SPACO speaker to coincide with their Indiegogo launch. Head to their website for more information.