A new Russian startup wants to provide a new, adaptive music streaming experience unlike the Spotifys and Apple Musics of the world.

Fluent is a new music streaming startup from Moscow, Russia. They are hoping to distinguish themselves from the slew of competitors already operating around the world with an experience based on context.

Whilst, they say: “Spotify plays static files. AI generates bland, soulless sound.” They want their service to accommodate the time and place that it’s being listened in. To this extent they are providing an adaptive selection of music that they promise personalises itself with each track.

Fluent uses 3 different elements to create its experience: Sensors and API to take an input of the surroundings. Their engine then adapts itself to the context and surroundings. Finally stems provide the output and complete the experience offering a personalised and contextual music stream.

It picks up on everything from the weather and the time of day to customise the tracks queued up. It also tracks whether you’re moving as you’re listening, and how fast so it can tell if you’re travelling or out for a jog, or sitting at home chilling.

They say: “We believe it’s time to try something new, to bring back the magic we’ve been deprived from by static music. Our technology enables to personalize each track on the go, making it suit the context. Adaptive music can enhance any kind of movement, but it’s not about performance.

“It’s about perfect timing, immersion and relistenability. But yes, you’d better move to experience this rad new thing in its full.” You can read their brief in full here.