Find the hidden gems on Spotify and be found yourself with Forgotify

There are millions and millions of tracks on Spotify, we should know! But for every track that finds listeners new and old and gets it’s spins there are another hundred that don’t get played at all. Forgotify helps you show the forgotten music of Spotify some love.

The makers of Forgotify are much like you and I – they love music. Music can have a personality and and identity, whether it be the brightly dressed disco kid moonwalking into the party or the sad, down on their luck person trapped inside a room. So just like the creators of Forgotify it makes us sad to see music that only a few people have heard or even sadder – no-one!

Forgotify helps you find the music that has gotten lost in the crowd and lets you be one of, if not the, first to listen to tracks on Spotify that haven’t been played. Head to their site and discover some new music and maybe you’ll find a new favourite to share with your friends and help an artist be remembered.

Forgotify has helped to inspire similar sites for videos that haven’t been seen on YouTube with Petit Tube and posts on Instagram that no-one has given a like to (show them some love) on No Likes Yet.

If your music hasn’t gotten any listens on Spotify then you get in contact with Forgotify to see about being featured on their web page highlighting the forgotten gems. Don’t forget to share the love right back and discover some music and share it on Facebook and Twitter. While you’re at it share Forgotify on your socials too and help some artists get the appreciation they deserve.

Head to and start your journey of discovery now.

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