There’s no better cause for a long stream of music than when you’re on a long journey, it’s also a good time to use Google Maps for directions.

Google understand how important music is when you’re on a trip somewhere. But when you’re using Google Maps you’re not usually in a position to be switching across to your music player and back, especially if you’re driving!

Google have integrated Spotify into Google Maps so that streaming and directing yourself at the same time can be seamless. Streaming music whilst you’re on the go is a must for most people now. Who wants to drive without their favourite tunes? If you’re using a navigation app then it can be dangerous to try and control your music at the same time.

A small Spotify player will now be built into the Google Maps app so that when it’s giving directions you can control your playback without leaving the screen. Pause, play and skip controls will all be available without leaving the directions screen.

When you’re not on the road, or if a passenger takes control, it’s simple to go straight to the Spotify app from Google Maps if you want to browse music fully and change your stream.

The integration will be rolled out to all Google Maps users over the next few days. It will require the latest versions of the Google Maps and Spotify apps to work together.