Fender’s latest Parallel Universe guitar makes Telecaster’s sparkle

Fender have been launching a bunch of quirky hybrids in their new Parallel Universe range to re-enliven the guitar industry and their latest actually seems quite good!

Fender have launched a limited line of their newest guitar to join their wacky 2018 line of new guitars. The Limited Edition Tele Thinline Super Deluxe combines the beautiful semi-hollow design of their classic Tele Thinline with a gorgeous (or garish – subjective) bright orange finish and silver sparkling pickguard.

The guitar gives a modern, funky flair to their classic sounding semi-hollow thinline Tele’s. It’s semi-hollow build gives the Tele an acoustic warmth but doesn’t detract from the Tele’s powerful sound, especially when it’s backed up by TV Jones pickups giving it a gnarly growl that punches through the air. As you’d wish for in any Tele, this Limited Edition Tele Thinline Super Deluxe will sound beautiful clean and sound fat as f**k with some distortion.

Vegans may be disappointed as the nut is fashioned from bone although this is an authentic original-era Fender design element which many guitar nuts swear by for a superior tone and performance. Below the bone nut the fingerboard is crafted from gorgeous rosewood that looks and plays like a dream. The guitar comes with an American Professional Tele Deluxe Bridge providing accurate intonation and vintage-informed tone.

Here’s the highlights of this sexy guitar:

  • Semi-hollow alder Tele Thinline body with double white binding; lacquer finish; ‘70s Tele Thinline silver sparkle pickguard
  • American Professional “Deep C”-shaped neck; 9.5”-radius rosewood fingerboard
  • Dual TV Jones Classic humbucking pickups
  • American Professional Tele Deluxe hardtail bridge; Limited Edition neck plate
  • Includes hardshell case and Certificate of Authenticity

Other guitars to come out of Fender’s Parallel Universe line have included another Telecaster that was hybridised with my personal favourite, the Fender Jazzmaster. The Jazz-Tele didn’t exactly offer what people wanted but it was an interesting design. Then there was the model which looked like a Tele had a shameful night with a Gibson LP resulting in the Troublemaker Tele. We’re excited to see more of these bizarre mash ups bringing some fun back into guitars.

Check out the 2018 Limited Edition Tele Thinline Super Deluxe and nab one for yourself for £1,609 at Fender’s website.

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