Discover new music and explore a musical universe of over 300,000 artists

Music Zoom lets you fly through a universe made up of musical stars and explore the connections and collaborations between the stars and their galaxies.

Have you ever wondered how music services decide what music is alike and who to recommend based on other artists? Music Zoom from Audials is a Windows app that shows you these musical connections in a universe of artists and songs, connected via genre, music scenes, collaborations, and similarities which create the galaxies they inhabit.

The app covers more than 1 million songs from over 300,000 artists in 1,000 different genres – yes there are apparently that many genres and more. It’s not just a fascinating exploration through music but also an entire platform for searching and playing high quality music, taking tracks from YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Veoh.

With their simple search function you can type in the artist you’re after and you will be sent hurtling through the universe and find your artist. From there you can explore the surrounding stars and discover related music and genres.

Music Zoom audials discovery universe map genres artists

If you’re stuck for someone to find and listen to you can simply zoom into a genre which will then show you corresponding styles of music. The further you get in you will start to find artists, who will appear bigger based on their popularity and influence. The further you zoom the more refined it gets and the lesser known the artists will be.

Audials Music Zoom is free to download on Windows devices and computers so why not give it a go! Download it here.

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