From Billie Eilish to meme songs, the 1992 SNES game Mario Paint lives on with it’s colourful sound palette making music around the world.

Since Nintendo released the SNES into the world creatives have been making chip-tune music with it’s built-in sound-card and the wonderful array of 16-bit sounds it creates. The internet has bred all kinds of offshoots of this creative musical art-form, the latest based on a 1992 Mario game.

25+ years on from Mario Paint’s release it’s legacy is heard all across the world thanks to the creative minds behind Mario Paint music. Using an app called Mario Paint Composer musicians, gamers, and people with an hour to kill alike can compose pieces of music using the game sounds from the SNES classic.

The creative community behind these tunes are found far and wide, creating tunes of everything from recreations of other Nintendo video games’ music to 16-bit versions of the latest pop hits. And of course, being the internet, there are more Mario Paint versions of memes than you can shake a red Koopa Troopa at.

For over a decade now this trend has been lining forums on the internet and the traces are found all over YouTube. For example you can listen to some grunge with Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit surprisingly faithfully replicated in the app.

Or come up to the present day and throw away your streaming service because chart music sounds even better when it’s using the iconic sounds of a game from the early 90s.

The Verge have a great article where they delve into the communities that forged this trend and talk to the people who founded it and are keeping it alive today, so check that out!