Sonos make a quality streaming speaker but when it comes to colour they don’t really stand out. Their partnership with HAY is changing that with 5 vibrant new speakers available for a limited time.

Sonos have partnered with Danish furnishings brand HAY to “re-imagine” their Sonos One speaker in a brand new colour palette that breathes a new life into plain old Sonos speakers. Sonos build a great speaker and it’s minimalist design and white colour means it can blend into most environments, but who doesn’t love a bit of colour?

The HAY Sonos One comes in 5 available colours from HAY’s 2018 palette all of them striking in their own way. There’s a vibrant red, a mellow yellow, soft pink, a bold green and a subtle grey which looks almost like a plain Sonos One but with shading. On top of the swish new colours the Sonos One is their only speaker with a microphone built in for voice control using Amazon Alexa with Google Assistant support coming next year.

HAY Sonos one colour limited edition speaker streaming

Mette Hay, co-founder of HAY with her husband Rolf Hay, says: “I believe each object has its own set of colours; they can harmonise with a space or create contrast for a stronger impact.” The Danish brand was founded in 2002 with a commitment to design and production that appeals to everyone but with quality design. This limited edition collection, Sonos says, brings together both companies’ “shared values of accessible design, innovative manufacturing techniques, and the transformative power of products in the home.”

There are only a limited amount of each colour so nab your brightly painted Sonos whilst you can for just £229/$229 from the Sonos website.