Korg have now released their new sampling module the Electribe, ten years after the Electribe SX.

The Electribe is designed to be easy for use allowing anyone from beginners to veterans of samplers use the module for performance and production. The new Electribe sampler has inherited technology from other popular Korg products such as the KingKORG, Kaossilator, Kaoss Pad and Taktile.

The Electribe features 16 backlit pads with alternating colours for different functions. The pads can be used as a keyboard for recording phrases and step recording by entering the pitch and rhythmic value note by note.


The Electribe has a LCD screen for editing and navigating menus seamlessly, with plenty of options combined with all the adjustable knobs allowing pleasingly deep customisation for bringing your beats to life.

One of the Kaossilator’s primary functions, the touch pad, is included with the Electribe letting you tweak master effects, play notes and engage the Gate Arp. There are 32 master effects and 38 insert effects included with the Electribe.

Korg created a synth engine for the Electribe sampler which provides the opportunity to create some great synth basses and pad sounds. You can have a total of 999 preset and custom samples with a max of 270 seconds sampling time.

The Electribe comes with numerous alterable knobs for controlling master and effects such as overdrive and compression. You can also switch patterns easily using trigger pads and record that performance using the “event recording” function.

The sampler comes with a MIDI in/out port, stereo mini jack line input, standard left mono output and right output and a headphone mini jack input as well as Volca-compatible analogue pulse sync connectivity.

inputs outputs

The internal memory allows you to save 250 patterns and there is support for polyphonic playback which include complex chord progressions such as House music.

The Electribe sampler is available now for $399/£329 and you can read more about it from their website.

Below you can watch Glider Pilots using the Korg Electribe to sample the process of making tea!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF8fOSHwai8&w=640&h=360]