Edirol UA4FX With COSM Clearance Deal

Edirol UA-4FX cross section

The Eridol USB Audio/Midi interface. Reasonably priced at £89.99, the UA4FX it come with 24 bit as standard and a 96KHZ record/playback. Built in effects a versatile amount of inputs and outputs and offers the maximum in portability. Usually priced at around the £200 mark, £88.99 is a more than reasonable price for start up solo artist interested in demo-level production and some bands at a push. The reason for the price cull is simply a clearance and we have our fingers crossed that they don’t announce an end of line sale anytime soon. Some place will offer it for around £140 if you need a delivery to the UK and parts of Europe.

As a best seller for years the Eridol UA series of interfaces has provided cheap, easy and versatile solutions in home recording for amateur musicians and aspiring enthusiasts. The Eridol UA4FX is a portable Audio interface that offers ultra fast, low latency (delay) and performance, complete with MIDI options. The Eridol comes with a limited amount of built in pedal effects which can contribute to editing your tracks and songs thanks to its USB’s and a built in tube microphone pre-amp simulator. With other accessories including the EMU xmidi USB and the larger Edirol UM-2EX adapter that includes 1 in and 2 female out MIDI posts there is some room to expand.

Other DSP features include multi-band compressor/limiter for mastering, amp-simulator and distortion/chorus/delay for guitar, center cancel, reverb, noise suppressor, and more.

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