After more than 50 years since it was founded to enhance audio around the world, Dolby have brought out their very first, own-branded product in the shape of headphones made for the home.

Dolby’s first ever product also claims to be “the first wireless headphones perfected for entertainment at home”. Their Dimension headphones will be the British-American company’s first own-brand product since they were founded by Ray Dolby in 1965 in London.

The brand had it’s beginnings in noise reduction and went on to find it’s technology in high quality speakers and audio technology around the world using it’s unique audio signal processing to enhance audio to higher potentials. Finally over 50 years of audio expertise is being culminated into Dolby’s first fully produced product and they are promising a home audio experience like never before.

Headphones, especially wireless ones, are often produced to be used anywhere you like thanks to their portability. Dolby’s Dimension headphones however have been designed for use at home with a cinematic sound that brings entertainment to life without waking up the neighbours. Using Head Tracking the headphones follow your head movements so that wherever you’re looking it always sounds like it’s coming from your TV screen. They promise that using Dolby’s Dimension headphones is “an experience only Dolby can deliver”.

The Dimension features a unique technology from Dolby called LifeMix. This technology is capable of tuning out your surroundings so that the world around you doesn’t interfere with your listening experience. Users are able to control just how much LifeMix works so that you can blend the sound of your surroundings in or completely shut them out.

Dolby’s wireless connection is capable of pairing to three different devices which you can switch between at any time using the three Source buttons on the headphones. Using the Dimension’s companion app you can connect up to eight different devices so that whatever you’re feeling you can switch between experiences in a second.

The headphones have been entirely designed for home use rather than jamming out on the go so they don’t feature great battery life and they don’t pack down for easy transport. Reviews so far are positive about the headphones, mostly lauding the sound quality and the entertainment experience they provide for film and TV. However criticisms come from the fact that whilst offering an incredible audio experience, you’re still listening through headphones and these aren’t designed for on the go. If you’re after isolation they could be perfect, but you still might be better off with a high quality surround sound.

You can find out more about the Dolby Dimension headphones and get yourself a pair for $599.