Denon’s new headphones use 50 years of experience for “the most demanding audiophile”

Denon’s newly announced headphones makes use of their over half a decade of experience in headphone development to create “the finest in private listening”.

One of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of high quality headphones, Denon have unveiled their next powerful pair unto the world with the name; AH-D7200. Whilst it perhaps isn’t the catchiest name this gorgeous new pair of personal noise-makers should catch the eye of any music enthusiast.

Denon’s AH-D7200s capture the manufacturers long history in audio development to combine innovative technologies with carefully selected materials for an overall enhanced listening experience. Firstly it’s design: the earcups are housed in a gorgeous walnut casing that already looks classy enough before you even begin to feel the padded headband made of real sheepskin leather. The natural walnut housing doesn’t just look gorgeous but creates warmer, speaker-like sounds thanks the dense wood’s self-damping and it’s unique shape’s impact on resonance and reflection.

Denon audiophile headphones music listening audio sound

Underneath the casing the speakers use a unique 50mm FreeEdge Driver Technology created from nano-fibre materials. As Denon describe it as an audiophile’s headphone I’ll let Denon describe the tech behind their crisp, clear sound themselves:

At the heart of the AH-D7200 is that 50mm FreeEdge driver diaphragm, made from a nano-fibre material chosen for its rigidity and low mass. This delivers an accurate pistonic motion without distortion, and is also self-damping to cancel out unwanted resonances within the diaphragm. It’s mounted in a soft, compliant surround, making it easier for it to move in response to the music signal without flexing or distorting, for the purest possible sound. The ‘motor’ driving this diaphragm uses CCAW (copper coated aluminium wire) to keep the voice-coil as light as possible, plus extremely strong (more than 1 Tesla) neodymium magnets to increase the linearity and the speed of response.

All of this means the total energy of the driver system is directed into delivering music to the listener’s ears, thanks to this unique design developed by Denon’s headphone engineers, and made possible by advanced Japanese-made materials.

Denon headphones audiophile music listening sound audio

AH-D7200 at a glance:

  • Unique 50mm FreeEdge Driver Technology made from nano-fibre material
  • Real wood earcups
  • Ultra-high quality connection with 7N oxygen-free copper cable
  • Extraordinary wearing comfort
  • Luxurious craftsmanship
  • Perfect adjustment to fit every head

Denon seem to be really proud of these headphones, describing them as a cumulation of the company’s 100+ years in audio manufacturing. In a press release, they said: “Ultimate sound, unmatched comfort – the AH-D7200 is the reference design from Denon’s headphone experts, for those who take their listening very seriously.”

Denon’s AH-D7200 headphones will be available from January onwards.

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