Create and share playlists across all streaming services with Spinlist

The wealth of music streaming services is incredible for the music industry but when all your friends use different services sharing music is hard, but not with Spinlist.

Spinlist is a new service that allows you create playlists that can be shared across any streaming services so you can share it with whoever you want. With all the different services Spinlist brings back the communal feeling of music, letting you share your tastes no matter whether the other person’s on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Spinlist is launching it’s app on an invitation basis for iOS and online today. Spinlist aren’t the first to attempt a synergy of streaming services for the fans but with various difficulties like licensing costs for music and the popularity in curated playlists from musos and streamers most of these have failed.

But Buick is confident with Spinlist, citing a stat he was told by a music executive last year that more music is shared via burned CD’s than streaming playlists. People still want to share music, especially their own personal selections, but despite the convenience of music streaming, sharing music online still isn’t as common as you’d expect. Speaking on the other attempts to create a similar service, Buick said: “I think a lot of those other startups might have been ahead of their time.”

Spinlist will also work as it’s own platform for music discovery with a mix of human and AI curated playlists you can browse, listen to and, of course, share. Spinlist already works with some of the major music streamers and say that more will come soon, including Amazon Music, Pandora Plus, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play Music and others.

Buick moved to Spinlist after co-founding Hipstamatic, a popular app that found itself at the rise of photo filtering apps. With experience in launching successful startups and a clear aim Buick has already managed to entice some big funding including from Sparklabs Global.

You can try out Spinlist by going and requesting an invitie to try out the app early.

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