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How to link to all of your social media profiles with one custom URL.

It can be messy to share multiple different links to multiple different social media profiles and totally impossible on platforms like Instagram, that allow one link in the bio. Maybe you need to alter one URL or add a new profile, making this change across all networks is time consuming. With Fan Links via our partner, this process becomes a breeze.

All of PUSH’s campaign tools are free for RouteNote and non-RouteNote members alike.

Step One

Login to, click Create New Campaign, then Fan Link.

Step 1

Step Two

If you are linking to your music on streaming services, enter one of the URLs here to auto-fill the next page. As I’m just linking to social profiles, I’ll leave this box blank. Click Next Step.

Step 2

Step Three

Choose a catchy title, enter your artist name and pick a custom URL (or leave this box blank for a random one). Click Next Step once you’re happy with how it looks.

Step 3

Step Four

Type the name of the social platform in Service Name. If it’s a major platform such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. it’ll upload the logo for you. For custom pages such as a personal website, you can upload your own logo here. Paste the link to your profile in Service URL. Choose a Button Text or enter your own Custom Text such as Subscribe, Follow or Like. Click Next Step once you’ve added all the services you want.

Step 4

Step Five

Enter a custom campaign name so you can easily find it within your dashboard.

Step 5

Step Six

That’s it! Test your link and add it to your social bios. Here’s the example I made.

Step 6

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