Image Credit: Our Only World

“Our Only World” is a new charity song about pollution of the ocean that will give children confidence solutions of plastic pollution can be found, if we work together.

Do you worry about how to stop plastic pollution in the ocean? An environmental charity based in Cornwall, UK, is spreading the optimistic message that we can change the toxic tide for our seas, through charity song “Our Only World,” performed by and aimed at children.

Cleaning up the seas seems impossible, but “Our Only World” seeks to motivate people of all ages to “get down to the seashore” and find ways to help make a change. Listen HERE:

The song stars the voices of the Our Only World choir, made up of schoolchildren from Cornwall and Guernsey. A catchy and lively melody balances out the serious message behind the music, sung by children who are growing up in beautiful places bordered by a plastic-polluted ocean.

Image Credit: Karl Taylor

The project was an incredible community effort led by Our Only World founder Tina Robinson and composer David Smart. Postponed over the pandemic years, the single is now ready to be released to the world – distributed via RouteNote. Our company headquarters are based in Cornwall, and so the cause is very close to our hearts.

“Our Only World” officially launched on TV in the UK on BBC One and ITV on 17 May, along with the premiere of a music video.

The small charity Our Only World was established in 2019 and has launched projects including Aqua Tap water refill stations that help eliminate the use of single-use plastic water, and SeAlive Tiles, ceramic 3D plates that encourage sea life to thrive on manmade harbours and piers.

If you want to help turn the tide of ocean pollution and help Our Only World’s environmental charity work, get in touch here.

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