Chinese tech company are bringing their new bluetooth speakers to India in a colourful range for this Holi.

First announced earlier this month Xiaomi have announced release details for their new bluetooth speaker ‘Mi’. Set to launch tomorrow in India the speakers will be available in gold, blue, and pink – a bold selection of colours that are part of Xiaomi’s plans for Holi, the Spring festival of colour.

The speaker features voice calling support and has a built in aux port if you want to plug in rather than connect via bluetooth. Xiaomi estimate about 8 hours of playback time before the battery needs recharging. With a sturdy metal frame the ‘Mi’ is a formidable speaker that is backed up by rubber strips for a firm grip on it’s surface and to reduce unwanted vibration.

The speakers main function is of course to play music, but does it do that well? According to everyone who has had a go with the Mi it does surprisingly well.  With a 90dB offering chip the range of the speaker is impressive for it’s size (not much larger than a smartphone) and is matched by crisp quality that doesn’t distort as you increase volume.

Although we haven’t tested the speaker ourselves tech blogger Nirmal gave it an impressive 8.7 in his review. He summarised the speaker saying: “With great performance, handsfree calling, aux port and good battery life, the Mi Speaker ticks all the right boxes for a portable bluetooth speaker. We recommend this speaker for anyone looking for an all-round portable speaker.” Check out Nirmal’s full review here for a proper look at the Xiaomi Mi.

The Mi is available in India from tomorrow for Rs 1,999 from Xiaomi’s site.