Falling by Fets, Koosen & Green Bull get over 3 million streams in a month on Spotify

The track from Strange Fruits has made it way on to Spotify playlists with 1.5 million followers.

Fets, Koosen & Green Bull seem to have found the perfect formula for gaining massive success on Spotify, once again releasing a cover and making its way onto some of the most popular playlists on Spotify. Only released a month ago, the track has already pulled in over 3.3 million plays on Spotify alone.

The track is a cover of chill trap song Trevor Daniel – Falling, with a more upbeat EDM backing.

It’s made its way onto Spotify playlists Main Stage with 1.4 million followers, New Music Friday Norway with 146k followers and Dance Room with 120k followers, as well as Strange Fruits own playlists such as Electrónica 2020 & Dance Music with 906k followers.

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One and All, a Cornish compilation to help combat coronavirus

One and All is released today, a compilation featuring some of the greatest musical talents from the South West, with all revenue going to the Cornwall Community Foundation to help those in Cornwall affected by coronavirus.

The album features 27 tracks, with a variety of genres from some of the best artists Cornwall (where RouteNote HQ is based) has to offer. Including RouteNote’s own artists: Jordan Jane, Katie McConnell, Hypophora, Si Spex, WAXX, Fatlantic, Bryn Oldfield and Sam Sweeney. One and All was brought together by artists Jordan Jane and Tom Briggs.

I am hugely proud of everyone who took part in this album, everyone who has donated a track, everyone who has spread the word. I think it shows that in times of need, communities come together. I also couldn’t think of a better charity for this money to be going to, the Cornwall Community Foundation are doing such amazing work and I’m so pleased they are onboard. I hope everyone enjoys the album as much as I do.

Jordan Jane & Tom Briggs – Compilation Curators

I’m very grateful to Jordan and Tom for pulling together the album so quickly, featuring 27 of the best artists in the south west, to raise funds for the Cornwall Coronavirus Emergency Appeal. Their determination to help is a true reflection of the community spirit of Cornwall. These are very difficult times for all and the epidemic is having a significant impact on self employed people, including artists and musicians. Despite having all their gigs cancelled for the next few months these musicians have put Cornwall first and are helping to raise funds to support others. I can’t wait to listen to the new album – I’m sure it will lift our spirits while we get through this crisis.

Tamas Haydu – Chief Executive, Cornwall Community Foundation

To donate to the Cornwall Community Foundation, click here.

To see how this money will help the community, click here.

Find the album on stores, listen to it below or purchase it on iTunes.

Anthony Keyrouz’s dance cover of Matthew Koma – Kisses Back pulls in big numbers online

Anthony Keyrouz’s track ‘Kisses Back’ has gained over 850k streams on Spotify and over 7.5m views across YouTube.

A deep house/dance cover featuring super clean vocals from the original Matthew Koma – Kisses Back.

It’s been around on YouTube for a couple of years, pulling in views on top channels such as Sound Of Soul, PalmTherapy and ChillYourMind.

Distributed through RouteNote, Anthony Keyrouz released his track earlier this year on stores and has already gained an impressive number of streams on Spotify after being picked up by top Spotify playlists, such as Yabancı Pop (280k followers), Hit Dans (54.8k followers) and Dance Covers (16.9k followers).

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Latin pop ballad Experiencia Religiosa from Enrique Iglesias pulls staggering numbers 24 years after its initial release.

Enrique Iglesias is still hitting big numbers on Experiencia Religiosa, from his 1995, chart topping, debut, self-titled album.

The track currently has over 30 million streams on Spotify despite being released 13 years before Spotify’s launch. You’ll find Experiencia Religiosa featured on some of Spotify’s top Latin playlists, including Baladas Románticas (3.6 million followers), Esenciales (2 million followers) and Latin Pop Classics (1.3 million followers).

The official music video on YouTube has over 57 million views.

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Tropical Pressure Festival brings world culture to a weekend of pure joy

RouteNote and the Sessions team made their way to the Cornish coast to spend a weekend with artists from around the world amongst one of the most magnificent festival celebrations around.

Music festivals are the light that keeps so many of us going, waiting year round for the season to begin when you roll out the sleeping bags, load the car with cans, and make the journey to the field becoming your home for the weekend. Every now and again a festival stands out amongst the crowds of great festivals and goes beyond the music and dancing to become something so much more – encapsulating you in a pop-up community for 3 days.

What the Tropical Pressure team creates every year is without a doubt one of those stand-out festivals. Imbued with the passion and creativity of every single person involved, Tropical Pressure lights up the north coast of Cornwall with a blazing array of colour that sets the stage for a plethora of incredible and unique artists coming from the far-reaching corners of the world.

The festival is all about celebrating world culture by bringing music and people from some of the planet’s furthest corners to join the people of Tropical Pressure. Each day is unique and fascinating in their own right.

The weekend begins with Latin American day on Friday. Tropical Pressure has become renowned for its ability to bring the sun out no matter what the week before has brought. Though the sun had a long lie-in before peeking out on the first day this year, the festivities began in riotous fashion. As the gates opened and the music started it was clear to see the festival was in for another incredible weekend of whirling to tunes with far-reaching smiles.

  • Tropical Pressure festival routenote sessions artists colourful cornwall world music caribbean latin american africa music review
  • Tropical Pressure festival routenote sessions artists colourful cornwall world music caribbean latin american africa music review
  • Tropical Pressure festival routenote sessions artists colourful cornwall world music caribbean latin american africa music review
  • Tropical Pressure festival routenote sessions artists colourful cornwall world music caribbean latin american africa music review

The crowds near the main stage found themselves parted by a line of drums. Led by dancers in beautiful dresses, the drumming waved its way through the audience and made their way on stage to perform as the incredible DakaDoum. Truly a roaring introduction to the incredible sets to come from the weekend.

As Friday went on, so did more and more artists hailing from Colombia to Japan, Malaysia and further. Highlights taking to the beautifully decorated main stage include the raucous La-33, the very talented Malphino, Mira Mundo, Penya, and many more amazing acts.

Take a walk up the sensory overload of the food alley, sitting just up from the main stage, and you find delectable delights of delicacies spanning the continents. There are too many food stalls to try in just one weekend, which is a true shame as it’s all delicious.

After passing through the tasty temptations a secret pathway transports you to the other side of the festivities. Here you can go up the hill to the gorgeous amphitheatre where bands take to a more intimate yet none-the-less exciting stage to jump around under canvas or sit on the hill and look out over the gorgeous surroundings.

Africa is the culture of choice for Saturday and saw artists from all over busting out incredible poly-rhythms that no sensible feet could resist moving along to. Amazing performances included the jumping bass playing of Kongo Dia Ntotila, the wow-ing stage presence of Pat Kalla, and fantastic shows from
Têtes de Pois, The Scorpios and many more.

Move into the night and glowing mushrooms erupt from the ground, projections light up walls and ceilings and the tunes evolve into a mixture of psychedelic greatness made for dancing long into the night.

You can travel between the fabled Fandangos dancehall, swimming through a hall of glowing jellyfish as incredible DJs like Nickodemus and Edna Martinez sparking up the sound systems. Head back to the amphitheatre for a transformed experience with an awning covered in the lights of trippy paint effects and lose yourself to a selection of psych-beats to keep you waving until the early hours.

  • Tropical Pressure festival routenote sessions artists colourful cornwall world music caribbean latin american africa music review
  • Tropical Pressure festival routenote sessions artists colourful cornwall world music caribbean latin american africa music review
  • Tropical Pressure festival routenote sessions artists colourful cornwall world music caribbean latin american africa music review

Once the evening’s acts have died down there’s no rest for the wicked, unless you want to head back to your tent and drift into the quiet of the night. A campfire by the main coffee site keeps burning into the night with an unlimited stream of chilled reggae beats and enough hot drinks to keep the festival moving to the sunrise.

The final day awoke with sunshine falling down across the entire grounds. Where Fandangos had been pumping in the shadows, it was now a bright musical room that became the setting for a variety of dancing workshops. Groups huddled together to follow the rhythms and learn traditional African dancing, salsa and more over the weekend.

Outside Fandangos there was even more to discover on the Sunday as stalls lined the walls. From quirky creations from waste, fitting the heavy ecological focus Tropical Pressure has, to unique foods from the cultures on display – it was a mini-market of many mystical manners.

  • Tropical Pressure festival routenote sessions artists colourful cornwall world music caribbean latin american africa music review
  • Tropical Pressure festival routenote sessions artists colourful cornwall world music caribbean latin american africa music review
  • Tropical Pressure festival routenote sessions artists colourful cornwall world music caribbean latin american africa music review

The order of the day for Sundays at Tropical Pressure is the bright music of the Caribbean. This year saw acts like Samson Sounds who, despite their Scottish origins, find their musical roots from across the ocean. The amazing L’indigo brought the ethnic history and traditions of Reunion Island to the Cornish Isles, dub-fuelled Royal Sounds had the crowd pulsating, and The Bongo Hop were among many of the sounds that had the coast bouncing to top the festival off.

As L’indigo brought the day to a close the sun moved down the sky and dropped into the sea between the cove that sits below the festival. The beautiful sight eclipsed the feeling you get from a festival that is so passionate about creating something amazing.

Tropical Pressure is a festival that cares about the music, the people, and the culture. There’s no more to it and every cell of the weekend breathes the creative inspiration and pure passion that has been put into every element of this truly unique weekend.

Tropical Pressure is something you have to experience yourself to really understand and once you do, you’ll feel the draw back to it every single year.

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content coming very soon.

Jungle’s new album ‘For Ever’ is solid gold

Jungle’s new album ‘For Ever’ is inspiring, creative and a complete masterpiece with hints of soul and funk mixed with a modern style and technique.

Jungle have completely smashed it out the park yet again with there new album ‘For Ever’. I waited with eager ears to hear this new album a few months back and now after listening to the whole album time and time again I just cant get over the feeling that I only get with Jungle, the feeling of pure musical brilliance.

When Jungle released there first album ‘Jungle’, I just couldnt get enough of it. Every single track resonated with me in so many ways. The first album had the ability to make me want to dance, smile, cry and laugh all at once and this second album has just created exactly the same feeling in my brain.

‘For Ever’ has 13 tracks in total, 1 more than its predecessor, every single track having its own feel and style to it, but also still keeping the very unique Jungle style to it. The album starts off with the track “Smile” and with its upbeat and fun feel to it, you cant help but want to just get up and dance.

Track 2 is “Heavy, California”, this track is one of the albums many popular tracks with the Jungle fans but the one I get really excited for is “Beat 54”. This track is so funky and soulful whilst still retaining Jungle’s modern feel. “Beat 54” features on the soundtrack to FIFA 19, which doesn’t surprise me with its chilled out funky vibe putting anyone in the mood to kick up there heels and play a bit of FIFA.

Among the brilliance is the track “Happy Man”. This track has the most amazing way of making you feel like dancing and reminiscing. I think this is something I love about Jungle, the ability to just create emotion.

Other tracks that really deserve a mention are “House in LA” which has the most incredible music video to go along with it, also “Casio” is one of my other favourites, it has a 70s feel to it and a slightly fuzzy feel to the recording which I like in modern music because I think it really shows that not everything needs to be clear and crisp.

In essence, this album is a modern masterpiece, a work of art, a lyrical perfection. They have yet again taken me by surprise and created something even better than there first album. Jungle For Ever.

Hopesfall breathe new life into Post-Hardcore with latest offering ‘Arbiter’

The resurgence of Post-Hardcore in recent years has seen bands like At The Drive In, Underoath, Thrice and Glassjaw all release new material. While all brilliant, their albums haven’t necessarily quenched the thirsts of those who have been waiting the longest. What do we expect, though? Tastes change, and people grow.

Here’s where Hopesfall step in  Stepping back into the limelight after eleven long years of silence, their newest offering ‘Arbiter’ is a welcome reminder that they’re still very much alive and kicking. For a band who garnered such praise for their previous albums (most notably 2004’s ‘A Types’ and 2007’s ‘Magnetic North) a comeback album was always going to be a tricky task. Here we are though, and I am happy to say they are back with a bang.

Image by James Dicks

‘Arbiter’ commences with the most recent single, ‘Faint Object Camera’. The near-instant barrage of monstrous guitars, coupled with vocalist Jay Forrest’s piercing screams, immediately causes heads to sway. The intricate guitar work, provided by Joshua Brigham and Dustin Nadler, helps to create the vibrant and spacey soundscape in which you could drift for hours.

All of this, underpinned with the rock-solid rhythm section of Chad Waldrup (Bass Guitar) and Adam Morgan (Drums) sets their fifth album off to a flying start.

This wall of filth continues throughout, as they reaffirm their status as one of the best in the business. With tracks like ‘Bradley Fighting Vehicle’ and ‘I Catapult’ giving Forrest a perfect platform to display his brilliant ear for melody, the release as a whole seems to encapsulate what was so beautiful about their previous works.

The stunningly lethargic interlude that is ‘Aphelion’ really is the icing on the cake for me. The juxtaposition of dark and light in that track sums up for me perfectly what Hopesfall are all about.

Usually, keeping a similar tempo throughout a release can indicate stale and tired songwriting, although this technique being employed throughout ‘Arbiter’, however intentional, sends the listener into a kind of gorgeous trance. Drowning in reverb and delay, the soundscapes that Hopesfall achieve are beautiful, dripping with angst and nostalgia.

Image by Mark Valentino

Closing this wonderful piece of auditory heaven is ‘Indignation and The Rise Of The Arbiter’. The powerful display of Adam Morgan’s intricacy is showcased wonderfully throughout this final track. Coming in at a lengthy six minutes and nineteen seconds, the daze in which the listener finds themselves feels like it could go on forever. Not that it’s a bad thing, of course. Heavy, monstrous guitars, married with equally haunting vocals, could not have been a better end to this opus.

With this album, Hopesfall have show they are here to stay for a second stint – and I (along with many others) will surely take them in. Some may be upset that they hadn’t gone back to their metalcore roots of the first two albums, but ‘Arbiter’ sits proudly as the perfect successor to ‘Magnetic North’ after a long eleven years. Let’s hope they don’t disappear again soon.

Support Hopesfall: WebsiteFacebookTwitterSpotifyiTunes

Top 5 Electro-Acoustic Guitars under £1000

With a huge range of brands and styles it can be hard to choose the perfect electro-acoustic so we have put together this comprehensive guide to the best 5 electro-acoustic guitars you can buy for under £1000.

Martin 000X1AE (£650)

This stunning Martin has been a go to for beginner guitarist’s looking to spend some money on a really great guitar for years. With a price range starting at around £650, this martin is an absolute bargain for what you receive. The 000X1AE is part of Martin’s entry level X Series sitting around the middle of the price bracket for the series.

I’ve personally owned this guitar for a couple of years, I use it for every gig I do and every recording session. It’s reliable, sounds amazing both acoustic and plugged in and is generally strong and usable in all areas. I couldn’t recommend any guitar more than this one. The sound resonates perfectly in every setting and the guitar itself is easy to play and very comfortable.

This guitars features include;

  • Built in Fishman pick-up
  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Small Body Design
  • Modified Low Oval Neck Shape


Taylor 114ce Grand Auditorium (£800)

This guitar is an excellent example of what money can buy with an astonishingly great sound, a beautiful style and look. The 114ce comes in on price around £800 and is a prominent seller amongst the electo-acoustic market. This guitar is the cut away edition of the highly reviewed Taylor 100 Series and with a very fair price, you would be mad not to consider it as a big competitor.

Bryn, a fellow Routenote employee and proud owner of the Taylor 114ce said “The action and play-ability is just as good as the hype you hear about Taylor’s. It’s a very comfortable and addictive guitar to play. As someone that loves the sound of an acoustic, usually pick ups on acoustic’s sound like nails scratching a chalkboard to me, however Taylor’s pickup sounds really good.”

This guitars features include;

  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Walnut Back and Sides
  • Tropical Mahogany Neck
  • Taylor Expression System 2 Pick-ups


PRS SE 2018 Angelus A50E Cut Away (£800)

Now, PRS aren’t the first name you would think of when it comes to acoustic guitars, they are well known for eye catching electrics and a rock star status, but they have filled my wildest dreams with this brand new acoustic. The pure crisp sound this guitar makes mixed with the full body resonance creates a sound worthy of any folk artists guitar collection.

Having been lucky enough to trial this guitar out within the first week of its release, I can honestly say that it sits in the same league as any Martin or Taylor and with a price of just under £800, I would highly recommend this to anyone considering entering the folk or country scene.

This guitars features include;

  • Maple Body and Sides
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Spruce Top
  • Fishman GTI Pick-up

Martin 000RS1 Road Series (£830)

Another Martin makes it’s way on to my Top 5 with the Road Series 000RS1, what amazes me most about this guitar is how well built and designed it is. Every inch of this guitar has been perfectly made for the best sound quality Martin can achieve for under £1000. This guitar is priced around £830 which is incredible for what you get with it.

This solid sapele guitars looks are so pleasing on the eye and that’s what makes this guitar so appealing within the entry to mid level market. Having played one of these a few years back, I remember the neck shape and fret placement being perfect for fast past folk/country style picking with a really smooth and easy feel to it.

This guitars features include;

  • Solid Sapele Back and Sides
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Fishman Sonitone Pick-up
  • Satin Finish

Takamine EF261S-AN (£920)

This beautiful deep cutaway Takamine has stormed it’s way on to my list with dashing looks and an incredible sound. Despite being the most expensive of the 5 guitars, priced at £920, this guitar really is worth every penny with a head turning dark cedar wood top and antique satin finish. The EF261S-AN is very well priced amongst the prestigious Takamine brand and despite being under £1000 it lives up to everything you hear about Takamine’s.

I was lucky enough to borrow one of these this year for a recording session with a few other folk guitarist’s and everyone just wanted one of there own, its definitely a guitar to be proud of, a guitar collection isn’t complete without a Takamine and this is the one for mine.

This guitars features include;

  • Solid Cedar Top
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Takamine CTB4-II Pick Up
  • Deep Cutaway Deisgn

London Grammar Storm Into 2017 with a New Album and Festivals Galore

London Grammar have set the marker for 2017 with a new album coming out in June and 18 major gigs this year.

Brand new album ‘Truth Is a Beautiful Thing’ is set to come out on the 9th June 2017 just before London Grammar start their World Tour. Three singles from the album have already been released including ‘Rooting For You’, ‘Big Picture’ and ‘Truth Is a Beautiful Thing’ and if these tracks are anything to go by, this new album is going to be an exhilarating ride of emotion and pure atmospheric power.

The electronic pop trio from London first hit the music scene in 2013 with their highly rated debut album ‘If You Wait’ featuring tracks such as ‘Strong’ and their cover of Kavinsky’s ‘NightCall’. This album was nominated for the World Music Award for World’s Best Album and was a giant success.

Back in January when London Grammar released ‘Rooting For You’, I reviewed this single with much credit and ever since I’ve been waiting with much excitement to see what the new album may bring.

London Grammar have a grand total of 18 major tour dates lined up this year including Glastonbury Festival, Lollapalooza and Pukkelpop. This indeed looks like an exciting year for the trio and I will be making sure to catch their live performance along the way.

Their new album is now available to pre-order and you can also ‘pre-save’ it on Spotify so that when it’s released it will make its way straight into your account with no payment needed. I really would say it’s worth a listen when it comes out as so far their music has been phenomenal and looking at the recent singles it seems to be continuing in this vein.

Lithuanian band Justin 3 drop inspirational new single ‘Survivor’

Lithuanian band ‘Justin 3’ release an atmospheric new single with their new track ‘Survivor’, with a catchy chorus and a kick ass video, this is definitely a band to look out for in months to come.

Justin 3 are pop rock band from Lithuania formed by actor and musician Justinas Stanislovaitis, they have been playing for more than 6 years but previously under ‘Alive Way’ and have been on a substantial amount of National Television. Their songs have been aired on almost all Lithuanian national radio stations and have been a large success in Lithuania. This catchy tune by Justin 3 really caught my eye today with its powerful lyrics and great video.

The well produced music video features the story of a muay thai boxer and his struggle to succeed, showing the hurdles he comes across as he makes his way to the top. The filming itself is superb but the editing slightly knocked my concentration as unfortunately I felt the clips were not cut to a long enough length for you to make any emotional attachment to the story. Also the text running throughout the video with the boxers speech quotes confuses my brain because you feel like it should be the lyrics and then when its not its very hard to concentrate on both the lyrics and the text at the same time; Or maybe that’s just me.

Justinas 3 band music video review pop indie rock ballad

I do think though that the lyrics really support the video with a big sound from the lead vocalist with lines such as ‘I swam amongst the monsters to get to where I am’ and ‘I’ll make the earth shake, I’m a fighter’. The instrumentation drives the song to its atmospheric heights and the lyricists slightly roughened voice really does make him stand from the crowd of every other mainstream singer, whilst the involvement of an ethnic story line is diverse in comparison to most popular music.

The interesting thing about this release is you would expect it to be a raw rocky sound but yet these guys use an electric drum kit which means that they lack the full sound of the full drum kit which you would expect in a large sounding song, its a rather odd ensemble of  sounds and my brain cant really work out how it feels about this.  Also he uses an acoustic guitar for may of the guitar parts with distortion which is a strange way to go about things but again this seems to intrigue me.

Justinas 3 band music video review pop indie rock ballad

There is also a slightly strange rhythm to the lyrics which often sounds forced, like they have put too little or many words into one line but this does achieve some positive effect as it adds to the obscurity of the piece. All these little obscure things add up to partially drag the single away from mainstream and into indie. Although the clear, crisp production does make the piece sound like a chart topper and if i’m very honest I feel like the piece is still borderline mainstream with a hint of indie and a few slip ups here and there. This single could have done with something, anything to drag it into its own space, its own sound.

In whole, its an impressive track and a great single for an up and coming band but lacks something individual and needs that kick of umph. Saying that I can see massive potential in the this band and I’m looking forward to what comes next.

Justin 3

pop rock music video single lithuania justin 3

Website – justin3o.weebly.com

YouTube – youtube.com/channel/UCVxENcC7-jIPHTdxwQo1kMQ

Facebook – facebook.com/Justin3o

Twitter – twitter.com/Justin3o