With music technology always moving further forward we’ve seen a revolution of mobile applications that give you the ability to write, record, create, edit music and much, much more. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should – so is it all just for fun or can you make proper, good music using apps?

The abilities of the devices in our pockets have come an incredibly long way in recent years. These days you can record clear audio from a phone, download an entire Digital Audio Workstation into your pocket, access hundreds of instruments from a tiny screen and even plug guitars, microphones and more in to record anywhere you like.

The capabilities have come a long way, but has the quality? As with anything it of course depends on how you use it, but the simple answer is – definitely. In fact, mobile music making isn’t just for lowkey musicians and enthusiasts anymore and has spread into the A-star league of music makers as the possibilities and functions continue to improve and open up more and more opportunities.

For example Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz fame decided to make an entire album on his iPhone back in 2011. Following the launch of Gorillaz’s spectacular album ‘Plastic Beach’ Albarn went on the road to tour the album, and decided to create another on the way. Afterwards Albarn came out with an entire album named ‘The Fall’ and, whilst it may not be his most spectacular work, it was a well received, studio quality album that showed just what can be done with the phone in your pockets. And that was 6 years ago.

Prolific music maker and YouTuber Andrew Huang recently released a video where he set himself the challenge of also creating music from scratch using mobile applications. Watch below to see how it went, and just how easy it is to record real music with a phone and some apps.

Do you know any great mobile apps? Let us know what your favourites are.