Ever wanted an affordable MIDI keyboard that you can fine-tune yourself? Build your own in hours with VAXMIDI.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign Infinite Response are taking orders for VAXMIDI, the diy MIDI keyboard and successor to the award-winning VAX77. Infinite Response call it the world’s first Open Source MIDI keyboard and let’s users build and adjust the keyboards parameters for under a 1/3 of the price of the VAX77.

Infinite Response CEO Van Chandler writes about what makes the VAXMIDI special on the Infinite Response website, saying:

The price/performance of VAXMIDI is possible because of two critical design parameters. The first is that it is comprised of 2, 3 or 4 identical dual octave modules. This created economies of scale never available to a MIDI controller at the expense of not having traditional keys at either end of the keyboard. VAXMIDI starts with an F on the left and ends with E on the right. You will be able to change to C to B once an additional part is designed later this year – That part will be free to backers and early purchasers.

The second design parameter is that it is assembled by the end-user using only a screwdriver. This was a difficult achievement but essential to controlling the final cost. We estimate that it will take 4 hours to assemble VAXMIDI, although I can do it in less than an hour with all the practice I’ve had over the last few months.

Irrespective of cost, the reason VAXMIDI is a great keyboard is because of the sensors. I would not have embarked on this journey if I hadn’t discovered them. They measure the keys more accurately, with less power, and at a lower cost than any sensor I have ever evaluated. Unfortunately, there is a 37 week lead time to get them.

We were able to secure enough sensors to build 200 VAXMIDI keyboards and after we ship to our 100 backers, we will ship the remaining 100 in April to customers who preorder now. Once those 100 VAXMIDIs are sold, we plan to order sensors for the next production run for retail delivery in December 2016.

Those 100 units for sale include 15 four octave version, 50 six octave versions and 35 eight octave versions, about equally divided between black and white.

A six octave VAXMIDI will cost you $649, 6 octave is $899 and 8 octave models are $1,149. You can order a VAXMIDI now by heading to: www.vaxmidi.com.