Kiswe Mobile sign a partnership deal with Big Hit Entertainment to help provide the technology for live streaming concerts.

Kiswe Mobile are a video technology startup founded in 2013 that provide the tech behind live sports and entertainment events, from companies such as the NBA, Major League Soccer and PGA. More recently Kiswe have starting working with esports companies. Kiswe’s virtual concerts offer interactive multi-camera video and audio experiences with live chats.

After working with Big Hit Entertainment for a one-time show in December, Kiswe have now extended their relationship with Big Hit to a “global partnership” for future concerts from BTS and other artists.

This MOU opens the possibility for diversified innovation in the global market by combining Big Hit’s contents and planning expertise with Kiswe’s technology.

Lenzo Yoon – Big Hit CEO

Kiswe’s relationship with Big Hit Entertainment expands our huge global sports and media footprint into the music sector and allows Kiswe and Big Hit to explore new ventures in the industry. We believe it will be the first of many innovations together.

Mike Schabel – Kiswe CEO

Their first venture together will be BTS’s pay-per-view gig Bang Bang Con: The Live, due this weekend.

This isn’t the only recent emergence of live virtual events and technology to build such platforms, see festivals Electric Blockaloo and Wireless Connect, Live Nation and Budweiser’s Stage at Home, Apple partnering with NextVR, as well as Red Light Management and HyperX.