From Vasily Makarov comes Brandulator, a new free VST effect plugin with a unique sound engine that creates unparalleled flanger, vocoder and harmonizer sounds.

Brandulator is a unique VST effect plugin that gives your instruments, samples, loops or whatever you put through it a distinctive texture. It creates it’s unparalleled sounds using a different operating principle to similar effect sounds, branching the signal out into 3 channels through adapted comb filters.

The effect also functions as a kind of arpeggiator that operates synchronously with the DAW, so the detailed design should have an appropriate time signature, although it is not required. Tonal settings of each channel can be set either manually using the controls, and accident in accordance with a predetermined harmonic law selected from the list, numbering about three hundred different harmonies. Randomization of tones can be performed either manually or automatically at the beginning of each bar.

Brandulator only works on Windows PCs and has been tested on FL Studio 12 so you may find some issues on other DAWs or hosts. You can read feedback and help on using Brandulator from the same place you can download it at KVR Audio forums.