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BMG has partnered with the ever growing video game Roblox to offer unique opportunities for its artists and songwriters.

BMG has partnered up with the popular video game Roblox to offer new opportunities for BMG artists and songwriter clients.

The global online gaming platform boasts millions of active users and offers a unique way for music fans to engage with artists via virtual launch parties and concerts. As well as integrated in-experience music and virtual merchandise.

Speaking on the partnership, BMG VP of Global Digital Partnerships & Strategy, said: “Roblox has transformed the gaming experience for millions and is proving a powerful way to introduce new generations to music they love. We are delighted to embrace the opportunities Roblox presents.”

This was followed by a statement from Jon Vlassopulos, Vice President and Global Head of Music, Roblox, who said:  “BMG’s artist-centric approach and boldness in bringing state-of-the art technology to help maximize their success is very much in line with Roblox’s focus on empowering our community of creators. Our partnership with BMG will enable them to do what they do best; and that’s to empower incredible talent with new ways to reach and engage fans and create innovative new commercial opportunities.”   

Virtual concerts and digital performances have been on the rise in the last year, mostly due to the pandemic. However, it’s looking like such performances and events are to become a more regular feature in an artist’s tour schedule.

Check our Royal Blood’s virtual concert here:

BMG has also recently struck a long-term deal with Netflix, the world’s most popular video streaming platform, for the management and administration of Netflix’s music publishing rights worldwide outside the US.