Best YouTube Network

RouteNote has very quickly become one of the largest YouTube Networks in Europe. RouteNote partners with small, medium and large channels with no limitations and no locking contracts.

Channels receive the following:

* Higher levels of monetization for youtube videos
* No lock-in forever – You can leave at any time
* Full Transparency – You can see all real-time stats in your Account
* Revenue share of 85% to the channel owners
* Channels always keep 100% ownership of their videos
* Strength in numbers: video promotion across our network
* Better rights management – through YouTube CID (if needed)
* Access to all 450,000 RouteNote tracks to use in any video

Channel Examples:
VitalDubstep –
Dubstep Nation –
TV Cifras –

How to Join:

Simply sign up at > login to your account > Go to YouTube Network page and add your channel.

We take care of the rest!

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