Best Tools or Platforms for Amateur Musicians to Sell Their Music

There are so many great tools available for amateur musicians. Here is a very quick run down of some great tools that every musician should be using.

Bandcamp – Bandcamp is a publishing platform to discover amazing music from independent artists, a customizable microsite for artist to promote their music they create. Artists upload, store as well as share their music albums.

RouteNote – RouteNote is our service that allows artists to sign up and distribute their music to stores and streaming services for Free (no upfront fees and keep 85% royalties) or Premium (pay small fee upfront and keep 100% royalties). Services include distribution, labels, management, YouTube Content ID and more.

YouTube – YouTube is one of the most important tools for musicians to get their music heard. However, it also seems to be one of the most under-utilised. Musicians should really focus on YouTube and building their listener base as much as possible.

Stereoload – Stereoload is an amazing free download gateway that allows artists to give away free music in exchange for a follow on social media, etc. This is a great tool to help artists build their fan base.

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