Cats and synth’s are two of internet’s favourite sweethearts and Behringer have brought them back together with the unveiling of a new synth.

NAMM is the self-described, largest event in the world for music makers, music lovers, music tech, instruments and everything audio-based. There have been many new products and announcements to get excited about but Behringer’s new synth is the one on the drooling lips of many music tech enthusiasts.

An inspired clone of a classic 1970’s synthesiser called the Octave Cat, Behringer have revealed the CAT. Using the blueprint of the original’s modulation and filtering capabilities and omitting the keyboard, the CAT Synthesiser offers a desktop synth module with powerful customisation.

There is a dual VCO design powering the sound with unique blending capabilities between the two. VCO1 provides sawtooth, triangle and modulated pulse waveforms and can be used with VCO2, offering saw and square waves.

The CAT is set up to work with other synths and can be used with effects systems for an even more dynamic range. There are CV inputs for the two VCOs, VCF cutoff and resonance, and the VCA. There are also CV outputs for both envelopes in the modules.

There is currently no release date or price range for Behringer’s CAT synth but we’re excited to find out when we can get our hands on this great sounding module.