BBC announce new head of Radio 6 Music

The BBC have announced that Samantha Moy will take the reins as Head of Station for BBC Radio 6 Music.

BBC Radio 6 Music is one of the BBC’s flagship radio stations and ranked the 10th most popular radio station in the UK in 2018. Whereas the huge BBC Radio 1 covers all the bases of popular and emerging music, Radio 6 is built on showing love to alternative and undiscovered music.

They’ve announced that Samantha Moy will now take the helm of the station, after working as 6 Music’s Head of Content Commissioning since 2018 and being their Network Editor before that. She should be a faithful hire to lead the station which has grown it’s cult following into a massive audience since it nearly closed in 2010.

Moy says: “I’m privileged and honoured to be appointed to lead BBC Radio 6 Music – a radio station made for and made by music lovers. The relationship with our audience has gone from strength to strength, as our brilliant presenters, supported by our talented production teams, have provided the perfect combination of music, conversation, and connection during these challenging times.”

6 Music currently has 2.56 million weekly listeners based on 2020 Q1 stats, it’s highest reach ever and a huge achievement considering it was nearly disbanded a decade ago. As it’s closure was being arranged the station surged in popularity and has been growing ever since.

Moy will commence in her new role on the 17th August, 2020. She says: “I’m proud to lead this fantastically creative and inspiring team, who I know feel as passionately about 6 Music as I do.”

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