Balcony TV – Exposure for upcoming artists

balcony-tv-logoYou might not be able to get a slot on From The Basement without greasing some major label palms, but BalconyTV is a channel that does daily sessions with unsigned and indie artists. So far they’ve had more than 8 million views across their bands, with The Script netting almost half a million plays as their most popular band. You can apply to play a session here, and then wend your way to either Dublin, London or Hamburg for a one day, live, unplugged recording session that they’ll chop up into a little video for you. Obviously if any of our distribution clients get on there we’d love to know about it so we can promote you on this blog!

Wampler Metaverse: multi-delay pedal with free plugins

The unit sports eleven different programmable delay types and offers full MIDI control.

Strymon next gen guitar pedals: MIDI implementation and more

After numerous rumours, Strymon’s next-generation guitar pedals are here. Strymon’s new generation pedals include new and improved pedals include upgraded versions of blueSky, El Capistan, Flint, Deco, DIG, and Lex.

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