Auxy makes it scarily easy to make music on iOS mobile devices

Music creation apps are making it easier than ever to produce music, and Auxy are no exception – in fact they may have made the most simple yet deep music maker for iOS.

We believe better music will be made if music making becomes more about music and less about cables. That’s why Auxy gets rid of the mess and lets you focus on what matters: making melodies, creating beats, tweaking sounds, and arranging your track to get it just right.

That’s what Auxy’s developers say about their brilliant beat-making app for iOS, Auxy. The free application just received an Apple Design Award at last nights WWDC following a large update to Auxy last week full of new features and a redesign.

The app hides a powerful sound engine underneath it’s simplistic, minimalist design so that you can easily jump in and start playing music without worrying about navigating complicated menus. In the app you can choose between a selection of drums and synths which you can play using a square shaped box that works similarly to a sequencer. Once you’ve selected you’re instrument and started creating a melody/rhythm you can tweak your sounds with effects like delay and reverb.

There are no limits to composing your track in Auxy, which allows you to create as many sequences as you want. You can also create ‘scenes’ which feature combinations of sequences so you can structure your tracks in-depth. Once you’re happy with all of your scenes and sequences you can order your track to play how you’d like so you can listen to it or render and export it to your cloud as a WAV file. There’s even an option to upload your track to Auxy’s servers which give you a sharable link to let you share your track easily with others.

Auxy updated to version 2.0 last week, introducing a new design and features which include:

  • Add up to 16 instruments
  • Add up to 24 loops per instrument
  • Arrange your tracks with scenes
  • Create transitions between scenes
  • New sounds

Auxy designer Jonas Åhlén says that they plan to add more features to the app to make it’s production deeper, however they’re finding it difficult to add new functions without encroaching on the app’s simple-to-use ethos.

It’s simplicity is charming yet may feel restrictive to experienced producers/musicians who are used to going deep into the creation of their tracks. But Auxy wasn’t made to create your studio ready track, it’s a free app that makes it easy and fun to make music and share that with others – and it does that very well.

You can download Auxy for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store here.

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