A new Instagram feature makes promoting music across the platform easier than ever. How to add music to photos in Feed.

Previously, promoting clips of your music on Instagram would be restricted to Stories or Reels. With the addition of attaching music to Feed photos, you can now attach music anywhere in Instagram. Available now, this is a great new tool for marketing your music or simply spicing up your Feed.

How to upload music to Instagram’s Feed, Stories and Reels library

Click below to find out how to upload your music to Instagram and Facebook for free!

How to attach music to photos

  • Select your photo as usual and make any edits
  • On the share screen, select a song from the Add music menu. Tap Add music to view all music. A familiar menu to the Stories and Reels page will pop up. Browse Trending and For You music or search.
  • Choose a track, select a duration up to 90 seconds and start point
  • Tap Done
  • Tap Share when it’s ready to go

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