Apple Music Drop Prices 50% On New Student Plans

Apple Music are adding a new subscription plan for students that slashes their monthly cost.

It’s been a big couple of weeks for Apple’s music streaming service Apple Music. Last week it was revealed Apple Music had reached 13 million subscribers, an exceptional number in less than a year. This week the internet’s been abuzz about a reboot coming to Apple Music’s design.

Making the most of their exposure Apple have introduced a new subscription offering. Students enrolled in eligible colleges or universities can now get a 50% discount, meaning the usual price of $9.99 a month in the US will drop to $4.99. The new plan is available outside of the US in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand too. Though the price changes with the currency each student plan will be 50% off usual cost.

The discounted membership is available to anyone studying at college or university, regardless of degree (so yes, it includes Masters). The plan is available for up to 4 years which can be separated if, for example, you take a break and then return to your course/degree.

If you’re hoping to blag yourself a discount by signing up as a pretend student then you’re out of luck. Apple are working with UNiDAY to ensure that those signing up are enrolled at one of the supported campuses or schools.

This isn’t the first discounted subscription available from Apple Music but it is their first aimed at individuals. Apple Music’s family plan allows up to 6 people to share an account for unlimited streaming for just $14.99. It’s one of the best streaming deals available allowing you to add 5 people at $1 a head, as opposed to them spending almost $50 on individual accounts.

Having almost reached half of their biggest competitor Spotify’s subscribers, at 30 million, and with growth surpassing Spotify’s this new pricing plan will no doubt push Apple Music even further into the limelight, and strengthen their position as a major player in the new streaming landscape that is dominating the music industry.

Apple Music’s student plan is currently rolling out to available countries.

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