Spotify’s huge editorial playlists are home to the biggest artists and the hottest rising artists, and many of them come through RouteNote.

We were thrilled to hear from record label Lilly Era about the success of one of their latest releases from offrami. Their track ‘Sweet Lullaby’ with Mougleta has been featured on some of Spotify’s biggest playlists since releasing including Shuffle Syndrome, Friday Cratediggers, Mint Canada, and made its way into listeners New Music Friday selections.

Lilly Era are a record label that use RouteNote to get their artists heard around the world on the biggest streaming services and stores. We’ve seen many artists make it onto huge playlists where hundreds-of-thousands, sometimes millions, of new listeners are discovering their music and finding new favourites.

At RouteNote we want everyone to have the chance to be heard by getting their music online. That’s why we offer free distribution to the world’s biggest streaming services and stores.

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