4 years since Apple launched the Powerbeats 3, new images on the latest iOS suggest that Powerbeats 4 may be on the way.

The latest iOS 13 update brings some improvements to iPhones and iPads, but it also features some hidden images. MacRumors delved into the updated OS and found images that look like new wireless earbuds could be on the way from Apple.

The images reportedly look like an updated version of Apple’s Powerbeats 3 earbuds which they launched in 2016. With a curved look that seems to resemble the Powerbeats Pro, the wireless earbuds from the range, it seems that an updated pair of Powerbeats is on the way.

Whilst all we have to work on are images deep inside of the new software, MacRumors suggest that it’s likely they’ll feature the latest AirPods tech inside them. The H1 chip will provide them with strong connections and they will undoubtedly come with voice control functions.

They reckon the new Powerbeats will cost similar to the Powerbeats Pro except slightly cheaper as they don’t seem to be wireless. Powerbeats Pro earbuds cost $249.95 whilst Powerbeats 3 cost $199.95, so it will likely be somewhere in the middle.

Apple product leaks have come from iOS updates before before being release. In fact the Powerbeats Pro were first seen in iOS 12.2 and the AirPods Pro were found in an earlier version of iOS 13 before being announced.