Image Credit: Anghami

Free and Anghami Plus members can stream music and podcasts on Alexa-enabled speakers with the new Anghami skill.

Both Free and Anghami Plus users will be able to request songs, albums, artists, playlists, radio and podcasts on their Alexa smart speakers. Anghami Plus subscribers will enjoy an ad-free experience. The new Anghami skill is available in both English and Arabic-languages.

To get the music streaming service on your smart speaker, find Anghami in the Alexa app, then link and enable your account. Click here to find out how to set a default music and podcast service on Alexa. Once you’re set up, simply say phrases like “Alexa, Play Amr Diab’s songs”, “Alexa, Play Top songs”, “Alexa Play Happy music” or “Alexa, Resume my podcast”.

Amazon Prime users in Saudi Arabia and UAE can still get six months of Anghami Plus for free.

Did you know you can distribute your own music to Anghami for free with RouteNote?