Amazon’s latest Echo speaker launch changes the game for the Smart Speaker that has defined an entire market of AI-powered music devices.

Amazon’s new smart speaker is called the Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition. Beyond it’s catchy name, it offers the very first battery-powered Amazon Echo which means it works unplugged and can be taken around the house.

It boasts a 10-hour battery life of music playback and it resembles a typical Echo that has been squished down to a third of the size. It offers 360-degree sound and all the usual Echo features like voice activated Alexa control and music streaming.

It offers an Echo speaker that you can take around the house as you go room to room without needing to end your playback or reconnect. You can connect it to the Wi-Fi as usual.

You can also connect the Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition to your mobile hotspot. This means that in theory it’s truly portable and can be used out and about, thought that’s not how Amazon have pitched it.

Currently the speaker is only available in India. It currently costs 4,999 rupees (roughly $70) for a special introductory price. It will be available for 5,999 rupees (roughly $84) once the offer is over.