Amazon is rumoured to be purchasing MGM for $9 billion

Image credit: Amazon Prime

Amazon are in talks to purchase MGM the studio behind James Bond and countless others for a staggering $9 billion.

It has recently been reported that Amazon and MGM have been in talks regarding the sale of MGM. Amazon is apparently looking to acquire the infamous studio behind films such as James Bond for a mind-melting $9 billion. 

According to three separate companies talks have been ongoing for the past week but neither Amazon nor MGM have commented on the speculation. MGM has been on sale since 2020 and was valued at $10 billion due to its massive catalog of movies and TV shows that span the decades. 

If this acquisition is to go ahead and the rumours are true then it would mean the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die would be an Amazon exclusive. In recent years Amazon has been ramping up its exclusivity, securing films such as Coming 2 America, Sound of Metal, and Borat 2. It is also releasing the high-octane sci-fi action film The Tomorrow War, featuring Chris Pratt exclusively to Amazon Prime

However, if the deal collapses then No Time To Die will arrive in theatres on September 30th in the UK and October 8th in the US as originally planned. 

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