Akai announce an all-in-one music production studio that doesn’t need a computer

The Force is a new powerhouse piece of kit from Akai that puts all you need to create and produce music inside one performance system – no computer, no MIDI needed.

Digital music production has revolutionised how music can be created and has made it possible for anyone to make highly polished electronic music and use digital techniques to create, edit and mix their music even on a budget. Akai’s Force brings everything you need into one single piece of kit.

The Force is an all-in-one music production solution with DJ performance technology. It features clip-launching, step sequencing, sampling, synth engines and touch screen control all in one system allowing you to play, perform, and produce without a computer or any other accessories or instruments.

It’s 8×8 backlit grid lets you trigger scenes and clips, step sequence beats, finger drum using an MPC style matrix, and play note data for seamless playing and launching. Alongside it are expansive controls for navigating your project and all of it’s pieces. The ergonomically positioned controls represent the Ableton Push but with even more functionality.

Akai Professional Force MPC studio music production all in one hardware

A multi-touch display at the top is the base of your experience, displaying your project and allowing you to navigate through samples, sounds, edit MIDIs, apply effects and so much more. It’s basically a built-in, touch-activated DAW.

The force comes with all the hardware and software packed inside it that you need to sample, chop, splice, loop and mix. Inputs in the back take USB or SD cards to load up samples and sounds with space for internal storage expansion. 2 XLR/quarter-inch combo inputs allow for microphones and instruments too.

Akai Pro Force all in one music production studio DAW hardware mpc producing pad

Akai Professional’s new Force has so many features and capabilities packed into. Get the detailed low-down on their website: force.akaipro.com

The Akai Pro Force will be available for $1499 and launches in February.

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