MatchTune have signed a deal with advertising and media music provider BMG Production Music to integrate BMG’s catalogue into MatchTune’s library.

MatchTune’s software scan the video submitted, as well as the tone and mood desired by the client, and search through a vast library to find a suitable track for the visuals. MatchTune’s AI can seamlessly lengthen or shorten audio depending on the video’s needs.

The deal includes around 15,000 BMG Production Music’s tracks to widen MatchTune’s library.

MatchTune is delighted to be able to work with BMGPM and demonstrate how we can help existing music catalogues and artists find a broader audience by removing the lengthy integration work required in matching music and video content, as well as finding the right tracks.

Philippe Guillaud – MatchTune Co-Founder and CEO

As BMGPM continues to strengthen its offering, it is imperative to recognize innovations in technology and diversification of revenue streams. Partnering with MatchTune, we are continuing to champion our hidden hitmakers while meaningfully connecting the BMGPM catalog with a wider audience.

John Clifford – BMG Production Music EVP & Global Managing Director

While technology improves, it marks yet another potentially worrying step in the dehumanization of creativity in the music industry. As tech similar to that shown here improves, there is no denying jobs will shift and perhaps be lost in the near future.