Abbey Road Not For Sale After All

just kiddingSmoke without fire, storms in teacups and cries of “Wolf” abound; despite all the discussion of and online about the potential sale of Abbey Road studios to try and help ease EMI’s cash crisis (yes, we squawked [should that be tweeted?] with the rest of the giddy hens), which included such notables as Sir Paul McCartney and the National Trust, there is no truth to the rumour that they are looking to sell the iconic recording venue – in fact they rejected an offer to buy it just last year…

Spotify’s ‘Community’ mobile hub: see what friends are listening to, iOS users can access it now

Spotify’s ‘Community’ hub is a new feature coming to the platform. It’ll provide a social hub of sorts that’ll allow mobile users to see what music their friends are enjoying and what playlists they’re updating.

How to see your YouTube Music Spring Recap – like Spotify Wrapped but for each season

YouTube Music Recap is not just a yearly event. Now you can see your most played artists and songs as the year goes by.

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