Moodagent is a new streaming service coming out of Denmark that wants to reinvent the music streaming experience based around how you feel.

To launch a music streaming service now in the age of Spotify and Apple Music dominating and plenty of others holding on to distinct markets, you need to offer something new and exciting. A new Danish streaming service is stepping confidently onto the scene with a focus on complementing you with music rather than you leading the helm.

Moodagent is a playlist-based service that takes the idea of moods to provide a stream of music they craft to suit your needs in that place of time. With curation of personal tastes based on machine learning and sound analysis as well as good ol’ fashioned human music expertise, Moodagent hopes to be the personal music curator of it’s users.

The service was created by Danish self-confessed music lovers Peter Berg Steffensen and Mikael Henderson. CEO and co-founder Henderson says: “With Moodagent, you can initiate a music experience with something you like, be it a track or mood. You can then reactivate that specific moodagent at any time and either let it play or adapt it.”

Moodagent’s technology is capable of analysing and extracting key elements of music like emotions, moods, genres, instruments, vocal styles and more. The app presents keen listeners with four mood sliders that they can adjust to represent how sensual, tender, happy, and angry the feel. Then the interactive playlists begins and can be adjusted by mood as you listen.

Of course you can still search for specific artists and songs, and when you do play them a moodagent will be created based on them. Again, the playlist created is entirely customisable down to each individual track in the queue.

Chief Innovation Officer, and the other co-founder, Peter Berg Stevenson says: “Moodagent is recreating what albums used to provide. An order, the right tracks in the right sequence, but presented in a way that matches the mood of the listener whilst giving them complete control.”

Steffenson adds: “It’s not a one size fits all approach. The Moodagent experience is about emotional connection with both music and other listeners who share your passion for music as conversation, not command.”

Moodagent is planning it’s launch for the 19th September in Denmark. Over the next year they hope to bring the new service to even more countries and you know we’ll be talking about it as soon as it does.