‘Drumazon’ by D16 Group is 71% off – a recreation of the 909 drum machine for €29

Image Credit: D16 Group

VSTBuzz are currently selling a plugin that emulates the classic Roland TR-909 for just €29, down from €99.

Drumazon from D16 Group is one of the best 909 plugins out there, letting beginner and advanced players program, edit and playback drum patterns. Producers will find enhanced sound-shaping functionality, a sequencer, pattern chaining, advanced routing and more. The plugin also features an intelligent and sophiticated randomizer.

The Roland TR-909 was used in classic hits by the likes of 808 State, Moby, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), Orbital, The Prodigy, Freddy Fresh, Jean-Michel Jarre, The Chemical Brothers and many more! Drumazon is perfect for many genres including EDM, Techno, Trance, Electronica, House, Industrial and Downtempo.

  • 71% off the normal price (normally €99)!
  • True emulation of each individual module
  • Scaled knob ranges: small modifications offer deep tone variations
  • DSP-exclusive controls of modules’ sound
  • User-defined routing preferences
  • Mutes/solos for each instrument (affect triggering not just the signal)
  • Fully controllable via  MIDI CC
  • Quick MIDI CC assignation with MIDI Learn function
  • External mode (note mode)
  • Internal sequencer (pattern mode) with 3 submodes
  • MIDI map equivalent with the classic drum machine’s map
  • MIDI tune and velocity controls instruments’ levels and tunes
  • 8 banks with 12 patterns per bank
  • Each pattern up to 16 steps of length
  • Each pattern defined with one of four available measures
  • Each step can be defined normal or flammed and accented or not
  • Shuffle mode, Flam mode, Tap mode, Chain mode
  • Shuffle, Flam and TotalAccent values defined globally and per pattern
  • Scale function and intelligent Rescale (automatically stretches pattern to the chosen measure)
  • Tweakable randomizer (module-specific, step-specific and chance)
  • Patterns import/export via super simple xml files
  • Tempo Sync to internal clock (30-303 BPM +-0.1) or to host
  • Individual presets per instrument with a preset manager to easy control
Drumazon by D16 Group
Image Credit: D12 Group

Drumazon is available for Windows 7 or later and macOS10.7 – 10.15. macOS 11 Big Sur is not yet supported. The software is a DAW plugin only and can not run standalone. A free demo is available to download for PC (32-bit), PC (64-bit) and Mac.

When you’re ready to purchase the full version, Drumazon is usually €99 ($112.29), but is on sale for €29 ($32.89) until 2nd June 2021. Find full details and purchase here.

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